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Styled by Songs: Fifth Harmony’s ‘Reflection’


Fifth Harmony is a girl-group whose career began on the second season of ‘The X-Factor.’ The ladies debuted their newest song, ‘Reflection,’ while opening for Austin Mahone in San Antonio. While the track… Continue reading

Styled By Songs: ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’


This week’s song is great in many varieties. Below are the original song, a cover, and a remix. My mind conjures up a scene with the setting of a black-tie affair. A woman… Continue reading

Styled by Songs: The Beatles’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’


As we’re hitting the middle of summer, this classic tune reminds us of our initial feelings of summer arriving. However, I can’t help but be reminded of its imminent end. This song immediately… Continue reading

Styled by Songs: Jennifer Lopez’s ‘First Love’


J. Lo’s latest single is the kind of song you turn up and belt out while you’re in the car. The lyrics sing the story of a girl who has found a real… Continue reading

Styled by Songs: Miley Cyrus ‘FU’


This week we’ve found fashion inspiration from pop idol Miley Cyrus and French Montana’s ‘FU.’   Her soulful voice concocts an image of a frustrated flapper holding her hands in her hair and… Continue reading

Styled by Songs: Sam Smith, ‘Stay With Me’


Most of us are familiar with seeing a scene play out in our head as we’re listening to a song. We’ve taken the feeling Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” elicits and translated it… Continue reading