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For Those Who Can’t Wear Stilettos


Some girls can wear stilettos all year round. I have always envied these girls because high heels really do make a girl’s legs and butt look amazing. It makes your legs look longer… Continue reading

Always Fabulous: Mint and Metallics


There’s nothing better than early spring, and now is the time to start wearing your spring attire. One of my favorite spring trends is pairing the pretty pastel mint color with metallic gold… Continue reading

Mint To Be!


Winter is a cool time of year. What better way to describe winter than with the color mint? The word itself gives you a cool feeling. This winter more accessories, scarves, gloves and… Continue reading

Stylist Pick: How to Wear Stripes Right


All too often, I see different brands and clothing lines trying to sell a hot new striped shirt or sweater… But I’m usually puzzled by this kind of advertisement.  My knowledge and experience… Continue reading

Stay Minty Fresh


In case you live under a rock, mint is one of the most popular colors out right now!  Nothing to spice up your look like a kick of minty fresh color… And this… Continue reading

Eco Spotlight: Elroy


Elroy is a clothing company, which I recently found out about that incorporates sustainability and natural fabrics and materials into their garments.  They really caught my eye because of their large collection and… Continue reading