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10 Watches for your Wishlist


For a doctor’s appointment, a date, and especially an interview, punctuality is important. While you may not be able to afford flashy bling right now, we all have aspirations. Here are ten watches… Continue reading

Stylist Pick: Fashionable Beach Bags


For those who vacation a lot, beach bags are our go-to for carrying all of our necessary items while we’re enjoying a fun day in the sun. Ask yourself this question, though—how fashionable… Continue reading

Watch out, for Skagen!


When Michael Kors and Fossil watches started to get popular, they were seen everywhere and now were about to see something new; Skagen watches! These watches are a great look for any gender… Continue reading

Our Guide to Buying a Watch


I’ve found watches to be an important piece ever since I was a lifeguard. I feel naked without it and a level of distress when I check my wrist for the time and… Continue reading

Glamazon: Batman Fashion


Last week, I finally decided to go see ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ As a super hero fan, it’s an absolute sin I’ve waited this long to see it. Realistically, it took so long… Continue reading