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Company Focus: LUSH Cosmetics


The draw of LUSH Cosmetics for most people is that they only use natural, organic, fresh ingredients; who wouldn’t want that out of their beauty products? They also have never tested any of… Continue reading

Coats of Fur No More!: Put an End to Animal Abuse


Buying fur coats and accessories may seem like a harmless act to do but in reality, so many animals sustain inhumane torture through the hands of fur sellers and skins-men. PETA continuously aims to assuage these… Continue reading

Beyonce Approved Sneaks Full of Exotic Skin


Obviously someone did not receive the memo from Animal Rights Activists that any type of accessories and apparel made out of exotic skin is morally unethical. Beyonce’s new Isabel Marant wedge sneakers custom designed by… Continue reading

Leather: Where Do You Stand?


Leather is one of those things that you either love or hate, or love to hate. There’s not many people in the middle. I am personally pro-leather, especially italian leather. There’s many pros… Continue reading

Stingray Shoes?


A shoe company called Rayfish Footwear is making new shoes that are well, kind of disturbing.  These shoes are made from the skin of a stingray.  That’s not the only part of this… Continue reading