Which Red Lipstick is Right for Your Skin Tone

Red lipstick is, and always will be, a classic look. It automatically adds sass, sophistication, and sexiness to any look. But so many people are concerned that they can’t wear red lipstick based on their skin tone, and that is ridiculous, because anyone can wear red lipstick if it’s the right shade.


Finding out what your skin tone/undertone is is the first step to finding YOUR perfect red lip. To find your undertone, use this info graphic, because it really simplifies everything, and makes it so much easier to understand (especially if you’re an “in-between” undertone, like me):


Now that you’ve found your skin undertone, you can now start searching for your perfect red lip color! Here is another info graphic of how to find your right red, but it really only focuses on the warm and cool colors, rather than all the in-betweens:


I actually think that neutral or “in-between” undertones can wear any shade they want, and they can help make someone look like they have a more warm or cool complexion if they use other complementary colors. But one of my favorite types of red lipstick trends is when a darker skin tone wears a brighter red lip, maybe even orangey, and when a lighter skin tone wears a darker red lip, almost a plum color, to show extreme contrast as well as a bold color choice.



Whichever undertone you have, whichever red you choose, you are going to be unstoppable!

Written By: Tessa Kaplan

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