Make it Messy: Perfect Imperfect Hairstyles

The “I woke up like this” hair styles are a complete trend and a total time saver. If you wake up to fabulous locks or waves, embrace them but adding a hair moisturizer maybe some hairspray, mousse, or some hair oil to the ends. Either way, messy hair is not as bad as it sounds.


Waves or Curls

If you have that natural curl or wave then awesome! But for those that don’t, try taking a shower at night and letting your hair air dry. Then do one or a couple of French braids and leave them on as you sleep. When you wake up, undo the braids and voila! Curls and/or wavy hair you will have. Spritz on some hairspray or curl activator and you’re good to go without having to add any heat.


Messy Buns

There are all kinds of messy buns but no matter how you achieve this look, just do a bun and go. Don’t worry about slicking back each strand of hair or trying to achieve the perfect ballerina bun. You don’t even have to do a complete bun for that matter. Just grab all your hair up and tie or clip it down. If hair falls out of place, even better!



A major hair trend for quite some time now has been braids. Whether you pull back and do one braid or maybe even a ‘fish tail’ braid, it all looks great. You can also do individual small braids to add some style to your look. Again, you’re hair doesn’t need to look perfect because messy is good. If your hair is crazy wild, doing a braid is a good idea or adding a small braid in the front will transform your wild hair to an awesome hairstyle.


Headbands or Small Scarfs

If you have no clue of what to do, add a headband or small scarf to any look. Whether your hair is down or up, adding this small touch will be a cute quick fix to any bad morning.



For a long time now, ponytails have been the quick fix to any bad hair day. Messy ponytails are even better! You can tease the crown of your hair to add volume to your ponytail or do a messy side ponytail.


Written By: Nancy Casas

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