Styled by Songs: ‘No Good For You’ by Meghan Trainor


Meghan Trainor is known for her upbeat songs with positive, funny messages. “No Good For You” is no different, and it’s somewhat even more relatable than her other hits.

Sadly, we’ve all questioned a friend’s relationships: maybe you’re simply worried about what might happen, since you don’t know the outcome, or you’re genuinely shocked she can be so happy with him when you couldn’t see it coming from a mile away. Either way, your friend may need a wake up call.


You never take your time with your girls no more

Always with your new boy

But he ain’t all that

But you don’t know yet

His kiss is soft and sweet

He swept you off your feet

He’s no good for you

He’s no good for you


The unfortunate conundrum you’re forced to consider is whether you should talk to them about their relationship immediately, or just wait and let them figure it out on their own, including dealing with the aftermath of the break up.


Either way, your friend’s going to need a pick me up, a boost of confidence, and someone to let them know they’re loved, beautiful, and worth so much more than what their significant other had to offer. So be that person and share the love!




Written by:

Jasmine Allen

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