Graduate Schools for Fashion

Are you a girl or guy who is studying fashion in college, but dreams of earning an advanced degree in the field? Do you absolutely love practicing concepts in fashion, but are not quite ready to end your study? If either of these two questions apply to you, you may have researched graduate schools for fashion but haven’t really found anything notable. This may be a result of emphasis placed on considerable amounts of experience in the industry, more than formal education. Regardless, there are programs offered at reputable schools that welcome students with your motivation and talent. Below is a list of schools and programs spanning across the diverse field of fashion.


Polimoda: International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing

Polimoda is located in Florence, Italy offering a wide range of Master’s courses. The institute offers an Italian Master’s program and an English program. The Italian program is focused in business and management. The English program offers a Master’s degree in design and technology, business and management, media and communication, research and vision, or luxury business. The students that attend Polimoda are intensely involved in fashion projects and are exposed to leaders in fashion.


Savannah College of Art and Design: The University for Creative Careers

SCAD is a great option for graduate school! The school offers a wide selection of programs that can be taken at any of their three locations in Atlanta, Hong Kong, or Savannah, with an online option for eLearning. Priding on notable alumni and faculty, SCAD rigorously offers a Master’s of Arts or Master’s of Fine Arts. Programs range from writing to fibers, and illustration to photography.


Fashion Institute of Technology

FIT is a state university of New York and central for great fashion inspiration. Admitting students from all over the world, the institute offers a diverse amount of programs that will satisfy the Master’s of Arts, Master’s of Fine Arts, or Master’s of Professional Studies track. The location alone brings about numerous opportunities and experiences, offering professional networking and encounters with leaders in the field. Among the many exceptional programs, FIT offers Master’s in Illustration and Sustainable Interior Environments.


North Carolina State University

NC State was probably not among your initial ideas for schools offering programs in fashion. Surprisingly, many schools that are not necessarily “fashion schools” offer Master’s and Doctorate programs in textiles, fiber science, and fashion design. The schools are usually local and are not as costly as many of the art/fashion schools. NC State offers Master’s of Science in Textile Chemistry and Textile Engineering. In addition, Doctorates in Fiber and Polymer Science and Textile Technology Management is offered.

There are plenty of schools that offer advanced degrees in fashion. Some, however, may not be easily discovered with one attempt at searching. The key is to be diligent when researching and explore all your options!

Written By: Chrystl Glasgow

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