Bethany Mota: Teenage Fashion Go To

Another YouTube Sensation? Yes, but this girl didn’t become YouTube famous by singing, twerking on a wall, or biting Charlie’s finger. Instead, this 13 year old teen became a fashion mogul in the making by putting her fashion foot forward.

bethany 1

When Bethany Mota was just 13 years old, she started a YouTube channel as an outlet because she was being bullied. Who would know that this outlet would garner her over six million YouTube subscribers all together! 4.9 million alone on her “Bethany Mota” channel!

bethany 2

So, what does she talk about? Mainly fashion and beauty, but really anything. “You might see hair, you might see a DIY, you might see baking or you might see, like, a really stupid video of me,” she told the TODAY show.

bethany 3

In no time, this little fashion queen might have her own business. Companies live Forever 21, JCPenny’s, and Aeropostale are already calling her name.

Written by: Frankie D.

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