Long or Short Dresses?


What I’ve discovered on my pursuit to finding a floor length dress is that it’s hard for short people.  So I have always resorted to shorter dresses as I don’t want to look like I’m swimming in fabric.  But then one day I tried on a floor length dress and was shocked because it actually fit.  It really did and it looked good.  For once I was able to wear a long dress.  I had finally found the one to make me forget about all the others that didn’t work out.

On further investigation I found out something astounding and important.  Long and short dresses work on everyone. It’s not a question of which one is better but finding one that is the perfect fit for you.  If your shorter and want to wear a longer dress you have to be willing to wear some sort of heels or else it can look sloppy.  Height challenges are for everyone.  For tall girls wearing a shorter dress it can look even shorter with their long legs and for short girls a long dress can go way beyond their feet and drag on the floor.  So it’s all about finding the right length and shoes to making any dress work.

For girls who are taller and want to wear a shorter dress flats or a smaller heel may work best if you don’t want the dress to appear shorter than it is.  It all has to do with knowing what works best for your body and once you’ve got that down you can wear long or short dresses.  It’s simple and something we should all take to heart.  There is no in or out.  Try them all don’t be prejudice because you’re this height or that.  It doesn’t matter, you never know.

Written by: Meggie Pringer

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