Hairstyles to Steal from the Runway

Fashion runways are always “crawling” with the newest everything. It is the go-to, stop-shop for the next trend direction. Clothes are popularly noted as what to focus on during a fashion show, but it should not be the only thing. In fact, the hairstyles of the models are quite important. Hair creations, like clothing, are followed and often reproduced or used for inspiration. Shows during the New York Fashion Week featured models with hairstyles of various range. Many styles were demure and understated while some were unconventional. There were even styles that were easy enough and simple enough to steal from the runway. Check out some of these cute hairstyles from New York Fashion Week. If you see one you like, try to reproduce it on yourself!

Knotted Bun


Frizzy Waves


Side Part


Slick Ponytail


Middle Part


Written By: Chrystl Glasgow

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