Konami Code on Fashion Websites

It’s very rare when fashion and video games come together. Except when you’re talking about the Karl Lagerfeld game. But recently, an Easter egg has been discovered on the UK vogue website along with the UK GQ along with UK Wired and Easy Living. If you enter the Konami code something happens. Now what is the Konami code, let me bring you a quick overview.


Konami is a video game developer founded in 1969. In 1986, the Konami code was created. The code is simply, up,up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B and then enter. Throughout their multitude of games, the Konami code is also used. Today, the code has snuck into recent video games to reveal fun Easter eggs as a way to pay homage to beginning of video games. Some web developers are big fans of video games and while coding certain websites have snuck the code in. That way whenever someone types in the code, an Easter egg will appear.


For the sites like Vogue, GQ, and Wired the Easter egg happens to be a dinosaur dressed up in various outfits based on what site you go on. If you’re curious give it a shot and there are websites out there that provide a list of all the website on the internet with the Konami code.


Written by: Gia Gladden

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