What You Didn’t Know About TOMs Shoes


TOMs is currently a pretty big trend at the moment. But I would like to point out that both my roommate and one of my sorority sisters were avid TOMs wearers before it became big. But here’s some things that you probably didn’t know about TOMs that you may be interested in finding out!


They Give Back
A lot of people do know this, but you definitely should if you don’t! When you buy a pair of TOMs Shoes, you’re also helping improve the health, education and well-being of a child; they give a pair of shoes to the children of Africa. This is one of the reasons they are so pricey. You are technically buying two pairs of shoes. Worth it.

– Shoes help protect children’s feet from cuts, infections and diseases. When children are healthy, they can attend school, fight minor illnesses and grow up to reach their potential.
– Shoes are often required for school attendance in many countries. Providing uniforms, including shoes, increases school attendance as much as 62%.* Education is the key to mobility and vital to breaking the poverty cycle.
– Although it’s less measurable, our Giving Partners consistently tell us how new shoes instill confidence in children. Confident kids are more likely to stay in school and contribute to their communities.

They Sell Sunglasses
I didn’t even know this when I started the article. Upon research, I noticed “TOMs Eyewear” and they actually look pretty snazzy. The price being from $88-$149, I personally wouldn’t pay that much, but they look really awesome. I give my seal of approval. Also, it is applied to the same service and mantra “one for one”.


Wedding Line
They actually have a line of shoes for weddings. Now, if you know what the classic look for TOMs shoes are, this would definitely come as a surprise. But looking at it. I probably would use them for my wedding party (At least 5 years in the future preferably). It’s best for an outdoor wedding, especially on a beach. But they look great.


Same surprise as the wedding line, you wouldn’t expect heels. But they are adorable, especially because I have this recent obsession with wedges. They are so much easier to walk in than regular heels and I’m already clumsy enough so I need all the help I can get. Don’t worry, when you buy them, I am sure that they con’t be sending heels to the children in need.


Wrap Boots
This are really strange but really cool. You literally wrap your boots up like an ace bandage. It allows you to wear it however you please. Tall, short, loose, tight; it does it all! This is especially perfect for runners and dancers with massive calves. I have to buy real leather boots in order to fit my calves in knee highs, because leather stretches. This will fit around your calve. It also doesn’t have the opportunity to bunch up you pant legs when you put them on. THIS IS A MUST BUY!

There are a ton of things that TOMs offers. Check out their website with an open mind! There is more to it than the classic little loafer slip-ons!

Written By: Paige Barnett

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