Flirty Skirts for Spring

Skirts are a great amenity for spring. They’re often light, flowing, and comfortable in the warm spring air. I’ve only recently embraced the idea of more frequently wearing skirts casually, but so far, it’s looking like a good decision. Skirts provide the same flirty vibe as dresses, but offer more versatility in pairing it with various tops. The skirts themselves come in a plethora of styles, as well, such as pencil, flared, wrap, gathered, mini, fishtail, maxi, and A-line, to name a few. Each of these in turn comes in a variety of colors, patters, textures, and materials and all can be worn in so many different ways so you’re bound to find a type to fit your own style.

Pencil skirts emit a professional kind of vibe, whether they’re short, long, high-waisted or hip riders. They look especially pristine with a tucked in blouse along with a blazer. A ruffled, brightly colored or flower patterned blouse with a solid pencil skirts brings a springy look to it. A more casual look can be achieved with a simple t-shirt or sweater either tucked in, or not, to the skirt.


Flared skirts come in a variety of lengths, but the flirtiest are those that are about knee length, give or take a few inches. Fit and flare is another variety of skirt that fits through the hips and thighs and then flares out at the bottom. The flare around the knees is both relatively modest and also cute and very feminine. Due to the amorphous, shifting quality of flare skirts, they often look best paired with a form-fitting top, or a loose blouse tucked in and cinched with a belt. The loose flow of the skirt is perfect on a breezy spring day.


A-lines seem to be pretty popular this spring and have the same sort of shape as the flared skirt, with a straighter, flatter look. The skirt hugs the hips, only to widen in the thighs, making the shape of an A. It pairs particularly well with textured blouses which contrast the flatness of the skirt.


Wrap and gathered skirts both create a flowing texture in the fabric of the skirt that creates a multidimensional look. They’re great paired with a simple shirt or blouse. Gathered skirts with floral patterns are especially flirty as the fit of the skirt adds depth and feeling to the already eye-catching floral.


The maxi and fishtail skirts are longer and very elegant on those blessed with height. Some fishtails are short enough for petite people (like myself), but often the tail end tends to come too far down so as to be a bit unwieldy. Maxi skirts too, are not made for the short, although there are some made shorter, they still tend to miss the mark for that tall and long sophistication. However, on a tall lovely lady, the skirts look great with a tucked in shirt and belt or short shirt, both of which emphasize the length and easy flow of the skirt.


Finally, the mini is a classic short skirt that has seen many a scandal as well as a cute flirty outfit – depending on how it’s worn. Probably one of the most versatile skirts, it can be paired with numerous tops like tanks and t-shirts, blouses and sweaters.


Skirts make for a versatile, flirty addition to your wardrobe, and with all the options out there, you can certainly find one in which you feel comfortable and chic.

Written By: Mary B.

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