Which Necklace to Wear With What Neckline

Sometimes one of the hardest things to decide when getting ready is which accessory you should wear. You might not know if all of those bangles are too much, or should you wear those dangly earrings with that updo? These are all important questions, but one of the most important questions to answer is whether or not you should wear that necklace with that neckline. It’s very easy to wear a too small necklace that would get lost in a shirt, or something too big that takes away from a dress or a shirt.

The first thing you need to consider before even matching the necklace to the neckline is what kind of an occasion you are dressing up for. If you are going to a classy event you don’t want to wear something that is too big, or bright. If it’s a daytime outing you can go for your less sophisticated and playful pieces.  With that out of the way you can start thinking about the neckline.


The v-neck is very popular in t-shirts, tank tops and dresses. When choosing a necklace for this cut top you want to get something that ends somewhere mid chest, and avoid things that would drape into you cleavage. The shorter necklace would keep attention off your chest and more on your face, and the necklace won’t get lost in your shirt. There is nothing attractive about constantly pulling a necklace out of your shirt. Something you could wear would be a simple necklace with a single pendant like a gem or pearl. You could also do a simple strand of pearls depending on the occasion. If you are wearing a simple shirt you can dress it up with a bigger, flashier necklace.


Necklines that are high up on the chest like a crew cut, boat cut or even a turtle neck are when it is more appropriate to wear a long and dangling necklace. This is a great way to add dimension to a simple shirt that would otherwise seem very plain. Personally I am not a huge fan of turtlenecks because they can be very unfeminine sometimes, but wearing a long beaded necklace they can add a much needed feminine touch.


If you are wearing a strapless top you might want to go for something that stays close to the neck like a choker, or a small strand of glass beads or pearls. This is also an opportunity to wear something bigger and more elaborate. Because your shoulders and chest are bare there isn’t much to distract from the necklaces, just make when going for this look that you don’t pair it with a patterned or busy top or dress because then the two pieces will be competing for attention and that isn’t what you want.


Other necklines to consider are ballet, scoop neck, or cowl. With cowl you want to go for something small and closer to the neck because it already has enough body on its own. With ballet and scoop neck you want to keep in mind the length of the necklace the same as with v-neck. I think what you should always keep in mind when deciding is if the necklace is going to get lost in your shirt, or if it is going to conflict with your shirt or dress. And if you are ever really not sure you can refer to the cheat sheet above.

Written by: Courtney White

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