Facial Hair Is Here To Stay


“No Shave November” has come and gone, but men have decided to keep their beards during these blustery winter months. This past year, facial hair has come back in full force for men, including a resurgence of the moustache. The once-popular trend has been spotted on men alike, along with apparel, stationary and even iPhone cases.  It’s a quirky trend that has truly spread all over.

Looking into the seasons ahead, designers are hoping beards will continue to spread, especially the “creative beard” trend spotted on the runways recently. Designer Yohji Yamamoto sent male models down the catwalk wearing comedy beards and moustaches during his Paris Menswear show. Handlebar mustaches and “Hell Angels” beards were featured, along with the audience favorite “walrus mustache.”


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Yohji Yamamoto Paris Fashion Week

If you’re a guy and want to look instantly like Brad Pitt or Jon Hamm, grow a rugged beard! You’ll be on-point with this trending style and it’s 100% free.  Now, that’s not something you hear every day.

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Written By: Allison Ripa

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