Gel Nails: Pros and Cons

Gel nails have become very popular lately.  You pick any style you want just like you would for a regular manicure and you ask that your nails get secured with the finishing touch of Gel!  I never hesitated before when asking for a gel manicure but recently I have been second guessing the idea.  Do I want nail color that may last longer than just a regular manicure, or do I want my nails to actually last long and stay healthy?

The pros of splurging for a gel manicure are simple.  The process is actually quicker than a regular manicure because your nails are placed under an ultra violet light which dries them along the way.  For a regular manicure, you have to wait until your nails are finished being painted and then put them under a dryer.  The nail polish lasts for almost two weeks longer with a gel finish, than a regular manicure does.  The overall look is also more professional looking and stylish.


With every upside there is a down side, and that includes gel manicures.  Once you have gotten into the habit of receiving gel nails, it’s hard to break.  After having the gel coat put on your nails, your actual nail starts to get weak and dull.  This makes it more painful when you want to take off the nail polish or even when you wash your hair.  It takes all the strength out of your nails and you’re left with a flimsy cuticle.


A regular manicure that doesn’t involve any gel is a good idea for the health of your nails.  This doesn’t mean you should never get gel manicures, it just means you should give your nails a breather every once in a while. Luckily there are products like Biotin that can help to restore the strength of your nail but each time you get a gel manicure you have to start over and restore again.  I would save the gel manicures for special events and stick with the classic manicure to maintain healthy finger nails.


Written By: Samantha Kenny

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