Victoria’s Secret: Models Who Actually Look Healthy on the Runway

Strutting across the runway may look like a simple, easy career but the truth is it takes a great amount of dedication to perfect the look and stay as thin as they must be. However, while looking at the photos of many models of different fashion designers on the runway, I found many of them to look half-starved. With emaciated bodies and sunk in cheeks, their attractiveness disappears. They seem unhealthy, miserable, and extremely hungry. Anorexia and bulimia are known to dominate the modeling world and it is prominent in many models. Their desire to weigh 99 pounds while being six feet tall causes them to use these harmful obsessions to be the perfect model. Regard the model below, an Alexander Wang model, and look at her unhealthy appearance.

While she’s undeniably pretty, her eyes are sunken in and her cheek bones seem as if they are about to protrude from her face. Her skin is an unhealthy pale color making it look like she hasn’t eaten a good meal or seen the sun in many years.

Why is it so imperative that these models weigh so little even though it causes them to appear unattractive and malnourished? Maybe the reason sustains itself as you appear heavier on television and camera or people believe they show the clothes off better. Personally, I believe a woman with a curvaceous body would better display the attire. Whatever the reason, their lack of curves and tall thin bodies destroy their appeal.

Another set of starving, skinny models.

Only so many women are truly meant to be extremely thin and tall. These models work the runway as a select group of models known as Victoria’s Secret Models. Their sex appeal and ability to work women’s underwear sets them apart as the most beautiful models in the fashion world. The difference between Victoria Secret models and the other models of the fashion world is they actually eat their carrot sticks. They seem to possess a beautiful glow, a healthy look, and a love for their career.

While Victoria’s Secret models are very thin, they have more curves than the ordinary, skinny model and contain a healthy, beautiful look. Their frames contain more meat giving them a better look. Contrasted with the models I showed you above, you can easily see how much better these models look in comparison. Women should not be judged on how thin they are but how healthy, beautiful, and happy they are. This is what sets apart Victoria’s Secret models from the rest of the runway models. Even though they are not the best representation of all women, they better represent the “thin & healthy” look in comparison to other models.

Written By: Francisco Del Toro

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