“Bowties are Cool”

yeah. it's cool. bow ties are cool.

As stated in my favorite television show, Doctor Who, “bow ties are cool.” Once considered nerdy and lame, bow ties are now the image of intelligence, success, and style. They stand out among the sea of windsor knots and skinny ties. They are also considered great “frat wear” to go with Dockers, Chubbies, oxfords, cardigans, and boat shoes.


This is one of those fashions (like footie pajamas and other things) where I was supporting long before others followed suit. Four years ago, for my prom, I had to twist my date’s arm (with the support of his mother) to wear a bow tie. He was one of two guys to wear it. But I thought he looked great. He looked so dapper and sophisticated. I just wish that my dress looked nearly as good (I lost some weight, so it didn’t fit properly).

Written By: Paige Barnett

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