The Real Life Barbie

Yes, most girls play with Barbie dolls growing up. Does this lead to wanting to look like Barbie? I sure can say that I think Barbie’s are not the first thing I used to think about as a child. But are these proportions on the doll realistic for a full grown woman?

According to the Huffington Post in 2011: “If Barbie were an actual women, she would be 5’9″ tall, have a 39″ bust, an 18″ waist, 33″ hips and a size 3 shoe. Barbie would have a BMI of 16.24 and fit the weight criteria for anorexia…. If Barbie was a real woman, she’d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions.”

A 21-year old Ukrainian model is known to be the real-life Barbie. I didn’t believe it when I saw the title for an article on the web. A real-life Barbie? Many girls claim that title with the fake tans, blonde hair, and boob job. I wanted to see if this girl was different than all the others that declared the infamous label of a ‘human doll’.

Let me tell you, Lukayanova is the human Barbie. V magazine sent her over to the US to take pictures of her. Her straight blonde hair, ivory skin, full mouth, big eyes, disproportional chest, and slender waist all contribute to perfecting the ultimate Barbie figure. Let us know: Is this strange? Is this beautiful?

Written by: Jessica Herbst

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