DIY Acid Wash

Acid wash denim could look fashionable or cheap and tacky. My coworker actually created an acid wash jacket herself and it inspired me to find out how to do it as well! I believe it has to do a lot with the cut of the jacket. Make sure the jacket looks hot on you or you won’t ever want to wear it and this entire process will be lost time!

So all you need is a denim jacket, spray bottle, and bleach. Fill the bottle with bleach and spray it on the jacket. If you want the colors to be more drastic, wet the jacket before putting the bleach on. Try to spread the bleach evenly if you don’t want blotches. Also, make sure the denim dries before you decide whether to add more bleach. Rinse the jacket with clear water after your done to get all the excess bleach out then put it in the washing machine ALONE.

If you would like, add studs or patches to the jacket! I think it looks awesome if you take a razor and distress the jacket. Now you have a one of a kind denim jacket. Maybe you have found your calling!

Written by: Jessica Herbst

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