Back to School Style

It’s back to school! You know what that means! More sports events, school functions, and if you’re like me, greek life recruitment. So you’ll probably be wearing a lot of crew neck t-shirts with the school’s or organization’s name. That can get boring awfully quick, not to mention it could make you look like a scrub with no style. Many people stick with cutting the neck line of their school shirt, and call it a day. But I’m going to show you all the ways that you can sport your school’s, sorority’s, or any other organization’s shirts the Glamazon way.

1. Try new ways of cutting it.

2. Add fun and bold accessories like scarves and necklaces

3. Wear a cute sweater!! (I did this today with my recruitment shirt, every sorority girl on campus was complimenting on my success for actually making the shirt cute. We aren’t allowed to cut them yet, so we are very limited.) Jackets work too!

4. Colorful pants can really brighten up the bland colors that these shirts can have. But they could also help you sport your school spirit if you buy them in one of the school colors!

5. Wear a smile! Nothing shows more pride in where you go to school or the organization that you’re apart of, than if you show that you are happy to be a part of it!

Written By: Paige Barnett

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