Kim Kardashian Look-a-Like?

Kim K has finally settled her lawsuit against Old Navy. Every year around Back-to-School time, Old Navy runs tons upon tons of television ads enticing customers to shop their various locations and online promoting sales. At least within the last four to five years Old Navy runs a Back-to-School jean sale. In 2011, Old Navy released a television Jean Sale ad using a model with the likeness, name, and persona of Kimmy K. In reaction to the advertisement, Kim filed a $20 million lawsuit against the clothing chain claiming a case of mistaken identity. Although the model (Canadian singer/model Melissa Molinaro) looked similar to Ms. Kardashian and the company Gap Inc. named the model Kim in the advertisement, customers could clearly tell that it wasn’t the known American socialite.

Kardashian argued that it could confuse consumers about her actual endorsements. Old Navy argued back that Molinaro is also famous in her own right (who?) and had no intentions to infringe on the reality star. To add to the fueling fire, at the time of the TV ad casting, Molinaro was rumored to be dating Kim’s ex-boyfriend pro football player Reggie Bush. Both parties agreed to settle out of court a year later with an undisclosed amount. The television ad has since been removed from television and YouTube.

Written By: Brianna Coleman

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