Rihanna vs. Rita Ora: Is Rihanna Being Replaced?

Singing and fashion sensation Rihanna has been blazing the charts since the release of her first single Pon De Replay in summer 2005. Is the hit-maker’s light being forcibly dimmed? Rihanna over the years has inspired hair cuts, makeup and clothing styles. But since her widely reported domestic violence case against ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009, recent reports of her partying too hard and her recent interview with Oprah about her new feelings for Chris Brown may be rubbing fans the wrong way. Rihanna new style is that bad-ass crazy girl who cares about nothing and no one. It may be cool to some fans but is it cool to Jay-z who signed her to his label Def Jam in 2007? Not only was Jay completely disgusted with Chris Brown’s violence towards the Barbados native but also with Rihanna’s reconnection to Brown on two singles Birthday Cake Remix(Rihanna) and Turn up the Music (Chris Brown) in winter 2012.

It seems as of late, Jay-z has been training up his new protege Rita Ora to follow in the Bajan Princess’ footsteps or maybe is it replacement? I’ve listened/watched her closely and there is an eerie resemblance. Not only does Ms. Ora sound like Rihanna, but she looks like her too! As Rihanna’s style evolves so has Rita Ora’s.

Is it just a coincidence with that when both are photoed out the are wearing similar outfits or hair? Is Ms. Ora meant to be the “new Rihanna”? The new edgy fashion aristocrat? There are still some differences between the two. Rihanna as we all now know has taken her edgy to a new level of raunchy while Rita is classic with a hint of edge and tends to cover up slightly more than RI-RI. Seemingly, Rihanna fans are split between the two because many feel Rihanna as been taking style way to far almost scandalous. Thus maybe RI is losing touch with her fans. What do you think? Who wears their sexy better?

Written By: Brianna Coleman

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