Eco-Spotlight: Stone Candles’ COCO Line

One obsession I have in my home is candles.  I love the feel of relaxation I get from lighting candles around the house, and obviously all of the different and delicious scents there are to choose from!  One amazing brand of candles that I have come across is called “Stone Candles”, owned by Daniel Stone.  All of its products are handmade in Los Angeles, and they have a beautiful line of candles and agates.  This is also a line of natural products, with a commitment to keeping a clean and healthy environment.  The goal of their business is to combine traditional values and artistry with innovative and creative designs… I don’t know about you, but I’m already sold!

The “COCO Line” sold by Stone Candles is based around all natural coconut wax to offer high quality and also eco-friendly candles.  Coconut wax makes for the cleanest burn that you could possibly find in a candle, and it is also sustainable which makes for a good longevity of the candle.  Stone Candles also uses an organic Wooden Eco Wick.  This amazing smokeless double wick requires no trimming and releases fragrance twice as much!  There are minimal soot, toxin, and carbon emissions as well.  In my opinion, this is the best quality of candle that you can find- and they are sold for a very affordable price, only $25 on  All of Stone Candles’ COCO Line is handmade and is also safe for body application!  Pretty cool, huh?

Another awesome product that they offer is their beautiful, handmade agates.  They are created from Brazilian geode, thinly sliced to reveal a striking crystalline pattern.  The agates are perfect for setting under candles, and also add a gorgeous accent to your home.  They come in seven different colors and are only $8 on  Buy a pair of agates and candles for all the different rooms in your house that could use an extra splash of color combined with the relaxing feel of natural candles!  Maintain good, delicious scents around your house with this eco-friendly line and be amazed at how much candles can add to a happy home.

Written By: Christine Kunz

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