Eco-Spotlight: Shilpa Rathi

If you’re looking for some stylish looks to spice up your dorm or bedroom, look no further than Shilpa Rathi.  It is a textile brand that sells all 100% natural linens and fabrics.  Their beautiful designs will add color, style, and character to any room.  Shilpa Rathi has a very innovative and interactive website at, and they also have an amazing WordPress blog where they post about their products and all things natural.

For those of you who have a busy and hectic schedule like me, you have a great appreciation for your relaxation and downtime- and especially getting enough time for a good night’s sleep!  Because of this, I like to keep my bed looking and feeling amazing.  Shilpa Rathi’s natural linens offer the finest and most stylish eco-friendly bed sets for you to complete your bedroom with a great look and great quality.  Each product is hand-crafted by Indian artisans and is hand-block printed in Vegetable dyes on 100% pure cotton.  The Shilpa Rathi brand even goes as far as supporting Fair Trade vendors and contributes to the restoration of communities in India through their sales.

One of my favorite accent pieces to add some pop to a room is pillows!  Adding colorful pillows to your living room couch, futon, or bed can make such a difference.  Shilpa Rathi’s pillows have a beautiful, creative design that will add a splash of fun to all your living areas.  Anything that has natural, eco-friendly, unique style is a total winner in my book!  Be sure to check out their eCatalog and see where you can find Shilpa Rathi’s creations at stores near you.

Written By: Christine Kunz

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