Stylist Pick: The Fashion Bun

This week I’m taking a baby step back from my sick clothes obsession, and focusing more on another aspect that pulls any outfit together: your hair.  And my absolute favorite new hairstyle is the chic and fashionable hair bun.  So many celebs and models have been doing up the bun recently, so I think it’s time to shed some light on this trendy hairstyle.

If you’re a Kardashian fan, then I’m sure you have already noticed that they love to rock a hair bun… especially Kim!  Her long locks look great tucked away in this high centered bun, a look that has definitely been trending lately.  I definitely think you need to be wearing a decently sophisticated outfit to pull off this bun because it’s a pretty sophisticated hairstyle in itself… by no means does this call for a frumpy or casual kind of look.  I would also definitely pair this with some sweet diamond or pearl earrings- something that’s not too large or overbearing.  Now, how do you get this look?  There is a recently popular method to creating a perfect fashion hair bun- and it involves using socks!  The “sock bun” is very easy to do.

All you need to do is: cut off the foot part of a tube sock, roll up the top “tube” part of the sock into a donut shape, put your hair into a high ponytail and place your donut sock around the ponytail right over your hair tie, then wrap your hair around & under the donut sock so that the sock is no longer visible and secure your hair under with hair pins.  If that sounds too hard, trust me it’s not!  But here’s an awesome site that shows you step by step pictures of how to make a “do it yourself sock bun.”

If you’re not too keen on the straight back centered ballerina bun, there are still ways to wear the stylish bun trend with a little more edge.  This picture of Audrina Patridge features a really cute bun hairstyle that is a little more played down, but still just as fabulous!  The side part with the side bun is definitely a must, and leaving a few strands hanging just makes it all the more edgy and chic.  Props to Audrina for showcasing a stylish bun that can be worn in a more edgy way but still look just as trendy.  With this look you’re freer to wear all the accessories or a casual outfit if you wanted, but it would also look great dressed up too!

Fashion buns are a fabulous style to try, so if you haven’t done so yet then I challenge you to test it out!  If you have long hair, then try out the high ballerina bun and see how chic this look can really be!  And for more versatile style, take a shot at the cute side bun and add some of your own flair… Whether you wear your bun high or you wear your bun low, one thing’s for sure: you’ll be looking stylish from head to toe.

Written By: Christine Kunz

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