Olympians and Fashion… Yes, Please

While most Olympians might not be known for their fashion choices, they sure have rocked it.

The 2012 London Olympics seemed to prove that Olympians can be fashionable.  With their kits being made by fashion designers, the possibilities are endless.

Swimmer Michael Phelps has become a sort of model.  A new advertisement for Louis Vuitton featuring him leaked in early August.  The ad shows the swimmer in a bath tub with a Louis Vuitton bag on the floor and was taken by famed photographer Annie Lebowitz.

But Phelps isn’t the only swimmer getting into fashion.  Ryan Lotche is hoping to release a clothing line very soon.  He’s currently trying to get the word ‘Jeah!’ trademarked so he can feature it on an assortment of products, including apparel.

Tennis player Venus Williams released her own clothing line in 2007 with retailer Steve and Barry.  The line, called EleVen, features all types of clothes, ranging from Men’s Polos to leggings and dresses.  And for the 2012 Olympics, she released a line specifically for the games, featuring tennis inspired clothes.

Sister Serena Williams also has roots in fashion.  The tennis superstar, who’s known for her colorful outfits on the court, has a special line in conjunction with Nike.  The deal with Nike was for $40 million and started in 2004.  She previously has a special line with Puma.  Serena also has her own line called ‘Aneres,’ which is her name spelled backwards.  And in 2009, she designed a line of bags and jewelry which were sold on the Home Shopping Network.

Other Olympians have dabbled in fashion as well.  Basketball player Lebron James has a line of sneakers with Nike and Lotche appeared on the cover of Vogue with soccer player Hope Solo and Serena Williams.

Written By: Joanelle Navarro

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