Suit Up

I like dressing up. Sure, I only really get to do it for special occasions or somewhere I KNOW there will be a camera (Yeah, I’m a camera whore. Deal with it.) There’s nothing quite like looking your best.

However, suits aren’t always appropriate. I was at a diner the other day with a group of my friends. As usual, we were the loudest table there. Yelling about gross things like penises and pouring syrup on the placemats.You know, usual behavior for near 25 year-olds. Across the restaurant we noticed a man around our age in a suit. A navy suit. With a pink bow tie. Yeah…no.

Suits are great in the appropriate formal venues and if you’re going to wear one outside of a formal venue you must be very selective. A diner is not the place to do so. Here’s five places besides something with lots of photographers and formal events that a suit may be a good idea for.

1. Shopping. The positive side of this is you’ll most likely be treated better by the sales team at whatever store you’re at. When you look like you have money, you’ll be treated like it.

2. To work. Maybe you’re office doesn’t normally require you to wear suits. I know mine doesn’t. However, on the day an important person is coming to visit or I have a big meeting, I make sure I dust off one of the suits and wear it to work. It definitely masks my unprofessionalism.

3. When checking into a hotel. You don’t really see people wearing gym shorts and tank tops getting room upgrades do you. You’re more than likely going to be offered some sort of upgrade if you look your best.

4. Going out for a drink. Wearing a suit to a bar may seem a little unconventional, but people are definitely going to notice you. That’s what fashion is all about. Getting noticed.

5. Cooking dinner at home for your significant other. Nothing is more romantic than cooking a delicious meal for the one you love. Sweep them off their feet by looking your best and pouring them a fine glass of Merlot.
Suits are a fashion statement. You definitely should take opportunities to wear them…just not ones where there’s a chance of spilling grits on your trousers.
Written By: Jake Verterano