Fashion Apps

Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone, whether it is a Blackberry, Droid, or the most common, iPhone. Each phone offers an app feature, but the Apple app store is easily the most extensive. From games and social media to fitness and business apps, there is something for every iPhone user to make their everyday life easier.

I recently saw an app that helps women with bra shopping and that made me curious about what other types of apps are out there for the fashionistas of the world. In addition to the Natori app that involves a questionnaire that recommends bra options and a find your fit calculator, there are a few fun and practical apps for fashion lovers to take advantage of.

Sartorialist: This app is an extension of Scott Schuman’s photo blog and is for anyone who is a fan of fashion eye candy. This app highlights street styles of New York, Paris, and Milan runways so viewers get a sneak peek of upcoming trends in the fashion world.

Style Book: While this app is not free, I don’t think $4.99 is too much for a virtual personal stylist. This app allows users to organize their clothes and accessories and pair items to make great outfits without having to spend money on anything new! Clothes are laid out magazine-style, so users can see exactly how outfits look. Fashion Trendtracker: As this app’s name implies, it allows users access to the latest trends, along with daily fashion news articles and a designer section with highlights from runway shows around the world. Users can also find out people are talking about in other style-conscious parts of the world.

Written by: Nicole Risell

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