The Sad State of Shape-Up Shoes

Let’s get real. These things don’t work, do they? I mean really, if you want to get in shape, these are not the answer – the gym is the answer. If you’re serious, you’ll make time for it. It’s harsh, but true. Kim Kardashian was the spokesperson for them for some time (an immediate turn-off for anything, in my opinion), and promoted their popularity, suggesting the shoes helped her obtain her rear-end endowment. She had that endowment before she started wearing them, though. So, do they work?

My sister actually told me about her friend who wore them, and ended up hurting herself, because they’re just so unnatural and uncomfortable. Apparently, after wearing them for about a week, she began feeling pain in her calf muscle due to the strain of the shoes. The way they’re formed causes you to step and walk on your feet differently, which can (as the evidence suggests) cause injury. While it may not be serious in most cases, it is still an injury.

I actually worked with a girl who wore them to work every single day. They looked absolutely ridiculous, and she was not particularly in shape. Oh, and she never got in shape either, even after weeks and weeks of wearing them to work, where we were on our feet all day. In all the data I’ve gathered from talking to people, observing, and even trying them on myself, I must conclude that they don’t quite do what they claim. Maybe with a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise, these can enhance your physique. Simply wearing them and making no other changes to your life style seems to warrant no success. If you want to try them, I respect that, go for it, but be careful not to pull your muscles or hurt yourself in any other way.

Written By: Mary B.

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