My Burberry Moment

Ah Burberry, my love for this brand might be a little out of hand.  I follow all of their forms of social media platforms and watch their shows as they are added to their site or YouTube.  Only problem with my obsession, I can’t afford any of it.  Maybe someday…

Burberry is of course known for their iconic trench coats.  They have a program where you can customize a trench to your liking.  Of course I made one just to pretend.  It just costs a mere $7,290 to be exact.  Clearly I will not own a customized trench any time soon if ever in my lifetime.

So which look did I choose you might ask?  It’s pictured above!  Out of the options given I really liked the Abingdon trend at 84cm.  I think this trench looked the most fitted and chic.  I also would opt for the shorter length, since I’m short myself, and wouldn’t want the coat to overwhelm my frame.

I liked the color Charcoal best because I thought it was a little different than the usual tan colors seen in many trenches and also would pair well with black, which I wear nearly daily in some form.  I absolutely love the Double Black Bridle Leather Cuff Straps with Epaulettes.  I think these cuffs add an edgy vibe to the trench that would definitely make the coat stand out from many others.

These coats can also be monogrammed.  Who wouldn’t want a super expensive coat to have their initials in them?  I would!  Ok so maybe this was all just in my dreams and for pretend but if you can afford to have one of these babies hanging in your closet be sure to customize it and make it fabulous!  There is no going wrong.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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