Fashion Center Neighborhood Walking Tours

Although I don’t live in New York, I am always checking out what events and fun things they have going on, especially when it comes to fashion. Currently the Fashion Center is sponsoring free neighborhood walking tours of the Fashion District from July to December. Their next available tour is August 19th at 2pm and is strictly on a first come first serve basis; you must reserve your ticket beforehand, the spots fill up very quickly! This tour allows you to hear all about the historic and fabulous Fashion District and why it is truly the fashion capital of the world. For anyone who adores or admires fashion or clothes, this is a great, educational, fun way to learn about the thing you love most.

The tour guide is a licensed expert, and knows everything and anything that you need to know. The tours usually last from 1 1/2 to 2 hrs, and you can make your reservation at There is even an easy central meeting place so that no one gets lost or is late, and everyone knows where they need to be; it’s very convenient and accessible. Michael Kaback, the fabulous tour guide, gives an overview of the apparel/fashion industry history in NY. On this tour you are able to get a glimpse of ionic fashion related sites and sometimes you are even able to see factories and showrooms! There are also limited shopping tours offered, and although any a few stores are open to the public, the Fashion District is still an amazing place to shop.

This tour sounds absolutely amazing and I wish I lived in NY so that I could attend on Sunday! However, since they offer tours until December, I will definitely need to make a trip there so that I can not only experience this tour, but the always entertaining and beautiful NY. I am a huge fan with fashion and clothes, obsessed you could say, so this is definitely an event I am interested in and would love to participate in. If you live in NY or close to there, or simply love or are passionate about fashion like I do, then this tour is for you, which is why I wanted to share this with all of you! If you can make it there before the tours are over, I would highly recommend it. I feel like it would be a once in a lifetime experience and you would learn and take away a lot from it. For more in depth information, visit their website! Enjoy!

Written by: Nicolette P.

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