Make A Statement: Around Your Neck

Statement necklaces and collars have been a major trend for the past couple months and this trend isn’t dying down anytime soon.  These necklaces can be added to a basic look to add some interest and essentially make your outfit or they can be added as a finishing touch to a look.  Just remember to go simple and light with the other jewelry that you choose to wear.

A great way to wear a statement necklace is with a simple white tee and dark wash skinny jeans.  Adding a statement necklace can add color and interest to this look.  This is the way a statement necklace can really make your outfit.

I also like to add statement necklaces to dresses, button ups, and paired with striped tops.  Choosing a colorful necklace can add interest when paired with a contrasting colored outfit.

Statement collars can also add some appeal to a dull outfit.  They can be added in necklace form or now a trend is for button down and sheer tops to have studded or some kind of embellished collar on them.  Any way you choose to wear a statement necklace or collar it is sure to add interest and trend appeal!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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