Summer Must Have: Wedges

What’s a great way to show off your legs in the summer besides shorts? Wedges! They are the perfect in between of sandals and heels. They’re comfortable and stylish to wear, and you don’t have to worry about towering over everyone or falling down. The heel on wedges is just the right size, and won’t leave you feeling unsteady; for me that is a huge bonus since I’m still nervous sometimes when I wear heels. They can be worn with both a casual or dressy look, and are fun and flirty.

There are countless patterns, styles, and designs, for example some are pep toed while others are closed, some have straps and some have laces or ties around your legs, I could go on forever! The point is everyone should have at least one pair in their closet for any occasion for a nice summer day or night.

Whether you wear wedges with shorts, a skirt, or a short dress, they really accentuate and show off your legs, and quite often, can give the allusion that they are longer than they really are! They’re an essential staple for the summer, and a great way to make a statement or stand out in the crowd. It’s best if you don’t wear them when you have a lot of walking to do, although you could very well manage since they’re not sky high like high heels; however, as with any shoes,  your feet will and do get tired after awhile. Wedges can make any outfit cute or sexy, depending on what look you’re going for, and they’re very versatile. They go with everything, and like heels, give that extra height, which is great for those of us who are shorter.

You can purchase wedges anywhere, they are everywhere at the moment and are very popular and fashionable right now. Wedges look great on everyone and are a very flattering lo0k. Do your feet and legs a favor and dress them up! Happy shopping!

Written by: Nicolette P.

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