Project Runway: Episode 4 Recap

Why are all these designers leaving?  This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, as Andrea leaves in the middle of the night, and Kooan leaves after falling victim to the pressures of the fashion industry.  Is Project Runway really getting that hard?

In this week’s episode, entitled “Women on the Go,” the designers were tasked with a Michael Kors challenge.  They had to create a look for a woman on the go, with their aesthetic in mind.  The designers only had 1 day and a $150 budget.

The episode started out with the female contestants waking up to realize that Andrea had left in the middle of the night.  Tim Gunn addressed the issue prior to announcing the challenge.  After going to Mood, Kooan announced that he wanted to leave as well.  I think working with Irina in last week’s challenged proved to be a bit too hard for him.  Most of the designers suddenly seemed to want to leave, but in the end, the only one’s who truly had left were Kooan and Andrea.

To bring the amount of designers back up, eliminated designer Raul was brought back.

During work room time, Buffi and Christopher started getting into arguments.  Christopher wanted to help Buffi make her outfit less gaudy because he didn’t want her to leave.  Instead, she rebuffed his offer and the two seemed to be on pins and needles around each other for the rest of the episode.

This week’s runway was actually a pretty good one, and guest judges actress Hayden Panettiere and designer Rachel Roy were on hand to give feedback.  Alicia’s menswear look, Melissa’s fabric-heavy look, Gunnar’s brown dress, Nathan’s potato-sack looking dress, Ven’s flower pleated dress, and Elena’s big shouldered jacket were all safe.  Surprisingly Ven was not in the top for the first time since the beginning of the season.  I think it might have been due to the fact that his clothes, while beautiful and certainly him, are a bit too repetitive.

In the bottom this week were Fabio, Buffi, and Raul.  Fabio’s short printed dress with jacket was absolutely loathed by the judges.  The dress was too structured and the judges didn’t believe he designed to his own personal aesthetic.  In fact, the judges seemed more interested in the ropes around his neck then his dress.  Buffi’s gaudy pink and leopard print dress was deemed inexpensive.  Nina Garcia thought it looked like a hair dresser’s smock.  And finally, Raul’s menswear inspired look was certainly uninspired.  His pants had a weird crotch, the jacket was too long, and everyone just seemed confused.  However, Buffi ended up being eliminated.  Maybe she should have elt Christopher help her.

In the top 3 were Sonjia, Christopher, and Dmitry.  Sonjia’s grey jersey dress was called stunning by the judges and Heidi noted the great manipulation of the fabric.  Christopher’s all black attire was praised for being a great day to night look.  The judges were all shocked that he had managed to make the entire outfit, leather jacket included, for only $150.  Dmitry’s black dress with wonderful detailing was deemed the ‘best made garment’ of the night.  And while the judge’s loved it, they did wish he had chosen a bright color for the dress instead of the black.  In the end, Sonjia’s grey jersey dress was the winner.  And guest judge Hayden Panettiere loved it so much, she asked Sonjia if she could wear it to a future red carpet event.

Overall, the episode was definitely more exciting then the last.  Andrea and Kooan leaving added a little shakeup to the competition that was needed, and I think the designer’s now realize that this is a competition and everyone needs to put their best foot forward.  And next week’s episode, the designers will be split into two teams and must design a cohesive line of professional women’s wear.

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Written By: Joanelle Navarro