DIY Summer Accessory: Braided Friendship Bracelet

At my job there are three workstations: outside, the kitchen, and the office.  Two people usually work in the office, one to manage the register and one to take care of all the office filings and things like that. Working the register can be a bit boring. There are the regular times where large waves of customers come, but in between those periods are lulls where maybe one or two families come in if we’re lucky.

The people at the register are always looking for new ways to kill time during those dull moments. Some make homemade signs to promote products at our concession stand (Try our hotdog special for $3.00!!!), some read a book, and one girl makes bracelets. Little Miss Arts and Crafts has about five friendship bracelets on each arm and she just keeps making more. They are all different sizes and patterns, all bright and bold colors. They are perfect for summer.

Braided friendship bracelets harkens back to the good old days when we all sat at a picnic table at summer camp and made arts and crafts for our parents. Being a DIY creation means you control every aspect of this accessory, and creative control is always a plus in my book. Even better, they come with an expiration date so there’s no need to worry about whether you’ve worn this look for too long. After a few weeks on your wrist 24/7 the colors on any braided friendship bracelet will look dingy and faded, meaning it’s time to make a new one. If making an accessory fills you with fear, relax. There are plenty of tutorials online that show you how to make several different braids. So get crafting!

Written By: Nikki M.

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