Stylist Pick: Ruffles Revamped

Ruffles are one of the oldest fashion trends that still have a huge presence in modern day fashion.  They were introduced during the 15th century around the draw-string necklines of women’s garments, and in the 16th century ruffles became a noted fashionable form of trim.  It’s no secret that ruffles are an age-old style that has become revamped for many years.  I’m going to show you the newest and finest ways to incorporate ruffles into your wardrobe.  Let’s continue on with this fun, flirty, and feminine design!

First let’s talk about how we can wear ruffles on top!  I love this turquoise sleeveless button up.  It is perfect to wear to the office or pair with a pair of jeans, and the ruffle trim gives it so much definition!  I guarantee that this shape will make your chest look great too- even though you will be appropriately covered up, the ruffled flare will still bring attention to your assets.  This top is from Forever 21 too, so definitely worth it for those of you who are shopping on a budget! 

My next pick is this white long-sleeve button up shirt.  It’s from J.Crew, so you know that it is piece that will make you look very pulled together and ladylike.  My favorite thing about this shirt is obviously the ruffle trim on the neckline and at the wrist.  It takes the plain white button down look from drab to fab, and gives you a great feminine touch.  You’ll also be sure to catch the attention of your coworkers in this little number… looks great paired with a pencil skirt too!

Now that we’ve looked at some of the simpler and safe ways to wear ruffles, let’s have a little more fun!  This yellow two-tier ruffled top can be worn so many different ways and you’ll look great no matter what!  The cinching at the waist will guarantee to give you a look with great shape.  I would pair this one with a pair of skinny jeans and wedges! 

Next is this super cute “Party at Pemberley Bustier Top” from ModCloth.  This is one of my favorite new ways to wear ruffles- practically as a ruffle skirt for your shirt!  This will accentuate your waist and by adding cute flare at the bottom it can even conceal any problem areas around your hips… Can you say perfection??  There are a lot of other great styles out like this one, so look around and find the best color and style for your taste!

Let’s move on to take a look at some ruffle embellished skirts!  Ruffle skirts in general are a ton of fun because they give you fun movement and pretty much just make you want to spin around in bliss.  My first pick is this SUPER SEXY orange hi lo maxi skirt!  This is an awesome and modern way to incorporate ruffles into your look by combining them with current hot styles. 

My other favorite kind of ruffle skirt is one like this semi-high waist polka dot piece.  High waist skirts look awesome for dressing up or going out, so why not add a little movement to your outfit?  If you’re not into polka dots, then just go for a plain color or different pattern.  I’d suggest black, red, light pink, or an opaque… If you’re going to wear something girly and feminine, you should probably let your color choices support your look.  And definitely wear this pick with a pair of killer heels to vamp up your sexiness.

There is a ton of fun and stylish ways to wear ruffles!  These are my favorite looks for tops and skirts, but don’t let that hold you back from exploring all of the different options that are out there.  Be sure to remember these looks and styles when you’re shopping for dresses too!  My stylist pick tops and skirts can easily be found in a lot of dresses, just as one full piece instead of separates.  Let us know your favorite way to wear ruffles in your own revamped way, and stay stylish my fashionistas!

Written By: Christine Kunz

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