Situations When it’s Inappropriate to Go Commando

I went on vacation this week and ironically enough, this topic came up in conversation with some of my girlfriends after I decided to write about it, giving me perfect research! First and foremost, we agreed that it’s never ok to not wear underwear when you are meeting someone’s parents or are around family members. I don’t care if you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or even jeans, it is not appropriate. What would happen if you bent or fell down, and right there for everyone to see is your butt, or even worse; I don’t need to say it, we all know what one of our worst nightmares is. Especially if you are wearing a dress or skirt it is absolutely vital to wear something underneath, I don’t even care if it’s a thong or if you wear shorts underneath with underwear, you gotta cover up! That’s all you need is to flash everyone when making a first impression; I know you want to make a good, lasting one, but this is not the route to go. It would be completely mortifying and embarrassing if you decided to skip out on the undergarments and a gust of wind happened or you forgot to close your legs. Bottom line, cover up ladies! In my opinion, I don’t think it’s really even alright to go out in public without putting on underwear, especially if you go to a bar or club somewhere and you’re all dressed up to the nines wearing a fancy dress or outfit.

I have seen too many celebs get caught red handed with their legs wide open, falling down, dancing, or bending over and you get a full front and behind show. No one wants to see that! To me, it’s just trashy and unnecessary. I completely understand that sometimes, it’s just more comfortable or better to skip out on the underwear. You don’t like wearing thongs, it’s extremely hot, you don’t want underwear lines, etc; the list could go on. However, there are ways to work around those issues and come up with alternatives. Spanx, silk underwear, and line free underwear are out there for you to take advantage of. Another situation when it’s inappropriate to not wear underwear is if you plan on going out dancing; especially if you plan on drinking, just in case! If you know you are going to be out shaking your stuff, bending over, and getting low, just wear underwear! It’s as simple as that, you can be sexy dancing showing off your moves without showing off unwanted body parts. It will send the wrong signals out to guys and girls alike, so just be smart and cover up; not all underwear is that awful or uncomfortable. However, if you are wearing a longer dress then I think it’s ok to go commando.

An interesting situation came up with my girlfriends, and we were divided on whether it was ok to not wear underwear: while you’re sleeping. Most of my friends agreed that it was totally ok to not wear underwear here, but I was a little bit more indecisive on the matter. I know you’re only sleeping and it’s not like you’re doing anything or it’s in public in front of a bunch of people, and I also know that many people sleep naked, but still even the idea of not wearing underwear to bed had me taken aback. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it’s just not me for. Call me old fashioned or a prude, but I just prefer wearing underwear at all times, they just feel more supportive then bearing it all down there. On the other hand, if you were to not wear underwear while you’re around the house just relaxing or doing whatever, then I say go for it, don’t wear underwear underneath whatever you’re wearing; if it’s more comfortable that way then go for it.

Everyone’s different and has their own opinions on this topic. I’ve heard it’s very liberating and fun, so maybe I just need to experience and try it myself once in order to enjoy it and perhaps start doing it. Who knows, I may just surprise myself.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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