Shimmery Shiny Sparkly Fabrics For Fall

This fall, shimmery shiny fabrics are in.  I have been noticing shiny fabrics on many websites and magazines recently.  I don’t often come across a shiny pair of pants or a shimmery jacket so I took notice of this reoccurring trend.  This look was all over the runway for fall and I hope to wear some aspect of it as the weather turns cooler again!

Gold is one color of shiny fabrics that I have been noticing a lot.  Dresses are a popular option for this look.  Michael Kors, Elie Saab, and BCBG are several designers where I have been seeing this look. 

BCBG even created a short sleeve bronzy gold blazer, which I love.  A statement piece like this would look great with a simple pair of dark wash skinny jeans and flats.

I have also seen fabrics with almost a raincoat feel to them.  Ultra shiny and almost plastic like.  Jil Sander created a black dress in this fabric but I have to say it almost looks like a glorified trash bag.

However you choose to wear this trend I would say keep the opposing items of clothing more basic and neutral.  This won’t put too much attention on the bold shiny fabrics, but instead help to balance out the look.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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