Your Feet Deserve More Than Boot Sandals

I really love boots. One of the main reasons I call fall my favorite season is because it is the first season I can wear boots in. There are so many options! Boots can reach anywhere between your ankle and your thigh and can be any color under the sun. They can be lace-ups, button-ups, zip-ups, or plain slip-ons. They can be completely flat or sky-high heels. What is there NOT to love about boots?

I’m apathetic about sandals. I don’t really feel comfortable in them, but I will acknowledge that there are some stunning sandals out there. There are many options for this footwear as well. They can have a small strip of material around your toes or they can be gladiator sandals that wined up your leg and come in a rainbow of colors. They can require straps, zippers, or be simple slip-ons. They, too, can be completely flat or sky-high heels.

Boots are great. Sandals are nice. In theory combining boots and sandals should be an amazing idea. It’s not. It’s a terrible, horrible, awful idea. First of all, they look ridiculous. What are you doing with your life that makes this indecisive footwear an acceptable choice? Second, they don’t even look comfortable. On cold days your feet look cold, on hot days your feet look hot. What did your poor feet ever do to you that deserve such cruel treatment? With so many different shoe options out there, why on earth would you pick the boot sandal?

Written By: Nikki M.

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