A Trip Down Memory Lane: 60’s Fashion

I am a huge fan of 60’s fashion; it was a groundbreaking and memorable era full of change of all sorts, including fashion. There were different kinds of groups of people, various tastes in clothes, and countless movements that all played a part in shaping the 60’s fashion; many of them are even making a comeback today. Experimental styles and trendsetters set the pace for this era, and all contributed in their own way; for example, “Mod Style,” the Beatnik movement, and psychedelics all played a huge role. The result was clothes, styles, and designs that were truly stunning, unique, fabulous, and often questionable but always chic and fashionable. Today, whether it’s on T.V. or in movies, they love to emulate 60’s fashion; the mark it left is everlasting; however you can never truly copy or repeat that great period in time, nor the feeling or essence of it. Here, I will pick out some of my favorite styles and trends that came from the 60’s.

1) Jackie O’s leopard print coat. I’m a huge fan of animal print, and she looked absolutely gorgeous in this. It symbolized grace and elegance, not to mention that you were wealthy, and started a huge trend; ultimately she started and eventually catapulted this style into the spotlight.

2) Bell bottomed flared jeans. Arguably one of the more well known and popular trends to come out of this era, these pants were an instant sensation. There were usually associated with the hippie movement during this time, but were wore by everyone; you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them. They were casual, comfortable, and stylish, and allowed you to wear any type of shoe with them. They flared in the front and back, and were more flowly than average jeans yet were still fitted and stylish above the knee; another plus, both men and women could wear them!

3) Pucci print Maxi Dresses. These dresses featured countless patterns, geometric shapes, and colors that fit right in with the mod and psychedelic setting during that era. They were fun, exciting, and inventive at that time, and women loved to wear and show them off. It may have seemed too loud or crazy, but they became very fashionable and a huge hit.

4) The Mini Skirt. This piece of clothing forever changed how women dressed and paved the way for them to wear more revealing clothing. It not only showed skin below the knee, but six inches above too, a huge step for women. They were able to show off their legs while still being tasteful and classy. It was chic and for the first time, sexy, and allowed women to be stylish and fashionable in a more open way; it would later give way to the mini dress.

5) Waistless Bag Dresses and Mod Style/Tent Dresses. Although they weren’t very form fitting, these dresses became an instant hit. They were comfortable and freeing, and were more on the fun and flirty side.

6) Go Go Boots. Nancy Sinatra first wore them in her video, and soon enough, they became a mass trend. They had more of a lower heel and could either be at the knee, or slightly above or below it. These boots went along with the modern, mod look and really drew attention to women’s legs. They were simpler than other styles that came out during this time, but came in various colors and were a first for that time period.

There were countless styles that came from the 1960’s and revolutionized that period and those to come. Fashion was changed forever thanks to this era, and we can still see and wear some of these trends today; they are truly timeless and I love them all.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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