Welcome Back, Wavy Hair

When I was in high school poker straight hair was in. I spent hours damaging my mane with a flat iron, trying to make my wavy locks do what I wanted. I sometimes even cried as my hair returned to its normal state a few short hours after I had finally gotten it perfect. All I wanted was to be a stylish fifteen-year-old with flawlessly straight hair. Was that so much to ask?

Flash forward four years and I’m once again a sophomore but this time in college. I’m expanding my style palette, which means I’m starting to appreciate what I already have rather than what I wish I had. I finally appreciated my face, my body, and, especially, my hair. I no longer use a flat iron until my hair smolders. I finally appreciate my natural waves.

Perhaps my appreciation is more than just a maturing sense of style. Perhaps it also coincided with a new wave of trends. Beach waves began showing up on red carpets and still looked sophisticated. Messy buns were popping up on TV shows without looking sloppy. A perfectly straight part was no longer necessary at fashionable events. I finally feel that I can look classy and put together while keeping my hair in its natural state.

Written By: Nikki M.

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