Eco-Spotlight: Stila

I’m not sure why I never realized Stila makeup was an eco-friendly company?  Maybe it’s because I can’t afford high-end makeup of any sort (claps for e.l.f.’s $1 section).  The company actually follows the tried and true reduce reuse recycle motto.

In order to reduce their footprint Stila makes many products locally (in California) and ships them around the U.S.  They do also ship overseas as well.  Many of their products now contain a refillable compact.  This means that each time you run out of your favorite eye shadow or other product you can just refill the makeup section without having to buy an entire new compact.

Many of the products also have packaging that is biodegradable.  This is great to reduce the time the product will sit in a landfill.  All aspects of their makeup compacts are recyclable.  I feel like this is something most women don’t even think about, but we should all check to see if we can recycle our used makeup compacts!

The packaging the makeup comes in, called kraft paper, is also eco-friendly.  It is made from renewable resources and is also recyclable.  The packaging is forest stewardship council and sustainable forestry initiative certified.  This means that the paper is made using a process, which reduces the amount of wood used to create the paper.

Stila also participates and supports many community organizations such as Women Helping Women and the Environmental Media Association.  All around Stila is a great company when it comes to caring about the environment and the people who live in it.  They definitely do their part in creating eco-friendly makeup.  We need to do our part in supporting their mission and reducing, reusing, and recycling our beauty products!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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