Non-traditional Fashion Models

Anything that happens in the fashion world concerning models that landed campaigns is always splashed on most internet pages worldwide, but we don’t often see what happens in the world of child modeling, unless it’s about companies using underage models with eating disorders. Even though the bad side of child modeling is usually exposed, this piece focuses on something great! In June, an Italian swimwear company hired a 10-month old with Down syndrome to be the new face of their campaign.

Valentina Guerrero became the lead model for Dolores Cortes’ children’s line, DC Kids and is on the cover of the designer’s U.S catalog. The news was announced at Miami Fashion Week when Cortes walked the runway holding the child. The point is that all children deserve equal opportunities in the modeling world, regardless of appearance or health conditions and this is not the first time this agenda has been pushed in the fashion world.

In January, another child with Down syndrome was featured in ads for Target and Nordstrom. 6-year old Ryan’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed smiling face was seen in a children’s clothing ad for Target and several months before that, he landed a campaign with Nordstrom. What is interesting from a PR standpoint is how little of a deal Target made this out to be. There was no press release or anything alerting the media that the company was using a child model with Down syndrome, which received praise from many people.

In my opinion, featuring special-needs children is a step in the right direction in painting the world of modeling in a better light and The Fashion Foot wishes both Valentina and Ryan the best of luck in their blossoming careers!

Written by: Nicole Risell

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