Fashion Spotlight: Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team

The women of the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics Team are now legendary. They won the gold medal in the women’s team all around final, achieving a huge feat that no female American team has done since the Magnificent Seven at the 1996 Olympics. It was an amazing and inspiring thing to watch, and truly something to be proud of; it was a historic and amazing event. Not only did they perform exceptionally, but they looked fabulous while doing it. Their uniforms were fashionable and cute while still being practical and easy to move around, flip, jump, and bend in. Here, I will spotlight what they wore on the momentous night that they captured gold.

All of the girls wore the same uniform as required, they were nylon, tight, and extremely form fitting. On August 31st, the night they won it all, they wore a red uniform complete with silver sequins. The sequins were in a Vee formation on their chest area, and they also branched off on an angle down the sides towards their hip to mirror the arm sequence. The arm sequence was very distinct as well. It started off in a straight line going down the arms and then it branched off below the elbows. The sequins on their backs branched off as well, and almost looked liked wings, which was very appropriate since they all did seem to fly through the air gracefully and effortlessly. Overall, I enjoyed their outfits and thought they were fun and cute, and didn’t look tacky with all that bling; it had just the right amount.

All of the girls wore similar makeup as well. They all seemed to be wearing minimal makeup, with light blush, a reddish/brownish eye shadow, and mascara. A few of them wore small stud earrings, and they all wore their hair slicked back in a bun except Jordyn who wore hers in a ponytail. They all matched and complimented each other very well, and really showed their team unity, spirit, and support. Although the uniforms were tight, they did not seem to be constricting, nor did it hold them back at all.

I am so proud of what they have accomplished and congratulate them; it really is such a historic and outstanding thing they have done not only for the sport of gymnastics but for the USA as well. I know they will continue to do big things, and this won’t be the last we see or hear of the Fab Five.

Written by: Nicolette P.

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