Eco-Spotlight: BlueAvocado

Here’s another one of our great, Eco-friendly finds for all of you fashionistas!  BlueAvocado is a line of environmentally conscious bags and other useful accessories made for everyday shoppers… And since we all love to shop, this is definitely a collection that I would highly suggest you pay attention to.

The purpose is to reuse bags so that all of the small steps we make as individuals can in turn make a big impact in our environment and communities.  BlueAvocado prides itself on two of the most important factors that any smart shopper should look for: style and sustainability.  “Avocado” is meant to represent the going-green aspect of this line, and “blue” is meant to represent style and simplicity.  Overall, these products are meant to take you from day to day in style, but also by using Eco-friendly products to help protect the environment… Sounds like a great catch to me!

BlueAvocado has a wide range of products and also stylish patterns to choose from.  First, this brand offers many different styles of reusable lunch bags.  From kid’s sizes to large insulated carriers, whatever size and kind of reusable lunch bag you need- you can find it here!  They also offer rezip and reusable snack bags, travel bags & storage bags.  All of these are so thoughtfully crafted that they can each be used for a wide range of items, and they are very easy to wash between uses.

The other big products that they offer are tote and cross-body bags.  Each of these are very durable and made to fit a good amount of items… Perfect when you’re on the go, especially during summer if you want to bring a bag to beach or the pool.  You won’t have to worry about these bags getting dirty or wet because they are so versatile!

Finally, BlueAvocado also offers super cute “java sleeves” for insulated coffee or other drinks.  Each item offered comes in a different assortment of patterns.  My favorite pattern is kiwi-wildflower, it’s gorgeous and super stylish!

Check out all that this brand has to offer, because the idea behind it is extremely innovative for us frequent shoppers who are always on the go but love to do so in style.  Help out your environment and your future by taking small steps to go green… I can’t think of any better way to do it than by saving money on bags and totes by having my own reusable ones!  Use one of the many lunch bag selections during the work week, and use the bigger totes while you’re running errands on the weekend.  It’s a great solution rather than using those annoying plastic bags.

Another cool segment to check out is Lauren Conrad’s recent launch of her own eco collection through BlueAvocado, written by my fellow contributing writer Caitlin Bombaski.  Be sure to check out her eco-spotlight article about LC’s xo(eco) line while you’re exploring all that BlueAvocado has to offer!  Check out the website, and change the way you shop.  For good.

Written By: Christine Kunz

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