Trend Alert: Body Con Dresses

Body con (short for conscious) dresses are a trend that I’m sure you’ve seen in all colors, cuts, and styles, but it is a trend that will continue for many seasons.

These form-fitting dresses can go from runway to red carpet to your closet; there are so many styles to choose from. The flattering fit shows off your curves and is what makes this style so prominent in the fashion industry.

Hervé Lèger has designed some killer body con dresses that I really admire. My favorite incorporates dark hues, an almost ombre look. The cut and style is just as unique as the color.

Topshop also has more affordable options for following this trend. This metallic dress is one of my favorites. I love the long sleeve, mini dress proportions, and this dress shows it perfectly.

This embellished body con dress is another great example of how many ways this trend can go.

H&M also provides a great simple version of a body con dress. I have this dress in black and I love it. I wear it with anything; it can be casual or dressy.

I advise to stock up on these items, because this trend sure is not disappearing any time soon.

Written By: Lindsay Whisler

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