Polka Dots, Stripes, Patterns, Oh My!

Who says you can’t mix patterns?  One of my favorite looks is pairing stripes and polka dots.  This look is edgy, fun, and also trendy.  Stripes are a pattern that nearly everyone has in their closet in some form or another and polka dots serve as a feminine look that anybody can pull off.  There are a few tips to help the skeptics pull off this look.

My favorite way to wear this look is to go bold, with the patterns that is.  I like to look for a striped skirt with larger stripes on it.  If I am choosing a top with polka dots then I like to try to keep the dots in perspective with the stripes.  Larger stripes=larger polka dots.  I also like to stay in the same color family.  If my skirt is black and white stripes then most times I will opt for black and white polka dots as well.

Another option that I love and currently seeking for my back to school look is pairing polka dots with color.  I love the skater skirt style and many are featured in bright bubble gum pinks.  Pairing this color with a black and white polka dot sheer button down creates an edgy and girly look.  More patterns could be added into this look with leopard or striped flats.

If you don’t want to go all out with patterns as the centerpiece of your outfit then another option would be with accessories.  You could mix and match patterns as a headband and shoes as well.  If you like mixing polka dots and stripes, my favorite, then you could pair one as a shirt with another as a headband to keep the patterns in focus together but not as bold as a top and striped skirt together.

Any way you choose to pair patterns, stripes, and polka dots it’s sure to appear trendy.  Don’t be shy; just go for any look that you like!

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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