Bandeau’s: A Summer Must Have

Maybe one of the best things to come out of the fashion world is bandeau’s. Sure, they may not look like much, after all, it is a very tiny piece of clothing, however, its usefulness and effectiveness beat any doubts; it has a very specific purpose and fulfills it exceptionally. I discovered them this past spring, and can’t imagine not owning one now.

Bandeau’s look similar to a tube top or bikini top in that they have no straps and fit perfectly over your top chest area; however, it doesn’t go any higher or lower than that. It also essentially looks like a strapless bra because it almost acts like a bra by covering that necessary area. They come in all different colors, and some of them have various prints and patterns too; there are even a few that come in a different fabric. They really are a saving grace, and help turn an outfit that could have potentially been trashy into one that is cute and stylish. It’s usually best to wear them with a strapless bra, however you can wear them with regular bras too, whatever you’re most comfortable with. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that bandeau’s ARE NOT bra’s, they don’t have padding or support, so it’s usually better to wear a bra underneath them.

When I first came across bandeau’s, I was a little skeptical on how I would look and whether I would be able to pull it off. As I learned though, anyone can wear bandeau’s and any style or design and look great as long as they wear it with confidence and personality and don’t let the clothes wear them. I’m all for trying new things and taking fashion risks, yet with certain things and clothes, such as bandeau’s, there really is only one right way you should and can wear them. You also should only wear them with particular shirts as well. Loose, open sided shirts are the types of shirts you usually see girls wear bandeau’s with. These are also great to wear under low cut, see through, or knitted tops. You simply wear a bandeau underneath the shirt so that you see the bandeau instead of your bra or worse if you chose not to wear one. It looks casual and comfortable, and you look good instead of letting it all hang out. It is also a great way to beat the heat! Instead of having to hear another shirt underneath a shirt, you wear a bandeau instead, which is lighter and cooler for those hot, humid summer days; after all, usually wearing as little clothes/material as possible without being completely naked is what people aim for for during the summer.

Overall, bandeau’s just make the whole outfit, and especially the top, look better and more put together. You still look sexy, and it leaves a lot to be desired; it shows off your body without showing too much unnecessary skin. They’re extremely affordable, and you can get them almost anywhere, especially since they are so huge right now for the summer. This trend is hot, so get yourself one!

Written by: Nicolette P.

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